2018- 2019

tybee island, ga.

A b&w film series documenting the uniqueness & beauty of Tybee Island's surf & surf culture, specifically in the winter months. Tybee is not a place known for surfing, with most of the spots requiring a high tide to break, cold waters that come with winter and the dreaded parking fee's you've really got to want it to surf on Tybee Island, but for those who do there is certainly an occasional wave to be found. Luck tends to helps a lot too.

Tybee Island is in many ways extremely similar to the Outer Banks (the surf definitely doesn't get as good, sorry Tybee friends.) but has really been somewhere close enough to home that made being away all of these years much easier. Winter on the East Coast is one of my favorite times as well, even though Tybee may be considered the South it certainly gets it share of East coast storms nor' easters and Hurricanes.